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Great Satisfaction

It's hard to do a really good job on anything if you don't think about it in the shower

- Paul Graham



"Developing websites with Maria has always been very satisfactory. We appreciated her creativity and her really strong involvement in understanding our requirements. Working on major international brands we expect a high standard of quality and always found that in Maria which drove us to work on a steady partnership with her."

- Yves Ronin, Director, Markcom, Paris

"Maria demonstrated very good technical skills and professionalism. She always had a positive attitude to her work."

- George D. Cambanis, Global Leader, Deloitte & Touche

"I had the pleasure of working with Maria for several years in the aviation sector.  Maria has been an absolute joy to work with, with her “can do” attitude and amazing creativity. The company benefited immensely from her work and launched its services in the aviation industry in Greece, becoming the leader in the sector in just a few years. Maria really helped with the promotion."

- Anastasios Economou, Managing Director, ICSS S.A.

"The main reason I choose Maria for my company's Internet promotion  is that she combines all 3 main skills for this job in one person... artwork... advertising and buisness understanding... no one else has in the market...
She is also very friendly to work with."

- Kimon gkazianis, M.D. Energy Net

"Our cooperation has not completed yet. But the picture has summed up in some words: quality, originality, professionalism, consistency and all that at the best prices in the market! I recommend her without doubts."

- Maria Psarea, LifeCare

"When you work for a project, for example a website development, you have to find someone dealing with the artistic part and somebody else with the technical part. If you are lucky enough to work with Maria, you realize that she combines art and technology in a complementary way, which is quite unique. Maria is the woman behind the "codes" of the Internet with the artistic touch that makes her work so special!!!"

- Dr Fiorita Poulakaki , MD, PhD, EBSQ Breast Surgeon

"I am glad to recommend Maria as a professional who designs and implements projects of high quality. Maria combines creativity with practicality and her professionalism is really remarkable. The collaboration with Maria gave us the opportunity to learn the wonderful world of fireworks."

- Ioannis Andrikakis, Creative Director, Andrikakis Fireworks & Special Events


Brandmakers, Markcom. Paris, France

Not your average setting for a business meeting…and yet, it was here on the Greek Island of Spetses, in the Sarconic Gulf, where Florence Rossollin and Yves Ronin have holidayed for the last 20 years, that they met Maria Douka. The idea of a Franco-Greek partnership with this webdesigner based in Athens instantly took hold.

Maria’s artist-computer engineer profile sits well with Markcom’s own image. Having completed her studies in computer science at the American College of Greece, followed by a diploma in design, she worked for a number of large companies, which in a curious quirk of fate, were all linked to the transport sector. Maria Douka thus found herself designing the website for Athens Airport, as well as originating communication tools for a helicopter company, a bicycle importer and a cruise specialist. Progressively, she specialised in web design, adopting her trademark artistic approach, infused with her love of shape and colour. And it is precisely in this vein that Maria Douka has designed the website for Indra, PMC Computing, Parions sur Hippodromeand, similarly her current project updating Markcom’s website.

Against the backdrop of an otherwise bleak economic climate, where the majority of Greek agencies are disappearing, Maria is making the best of a challenging situation by concentrating on Europe and her boundless creativity.