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 Ι am an innovative visionary creator 

  focused on making exceptional graphic 

 & digital design projects 

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Provided Services

Graphic Design

Web Design & Development


Corporate Identity

 As a freelancer I help organizations to have the appropriate, professional image towards their audience.

Ι am Maria!

I have been born and raised in Greece. The last 20 years I have worked for big companies around the world. I love learning and exploring new things, sides, areas of interest.

Beauty afficionado and detail lover. Focused on creating, passionate about making this world a better place. I am mum, designer, maker, creator, Greek, happy with great projects.


"Developing websites with Maria has always been very satisfactory. We appreciated her creativity and her really strong involvement in understanding our requirements. Working on major international brands we expect a high standard of quality and always found that in Maria which drove us to work on a steady partnership with her."

- Yves Ronin, Director, Markcom, Paris


If asked for something that exceeds my qualifications and knowledge, I have always the right people to turn to, a unique team of partners. Honestly, how difficult is it to find the ideal ones?